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Our platform focuses on automatic Bitcoin trading.
We are compliant with +10 largest exchangers on board from Europe and Asia. Our Bot works on a real-time basis, 24/7. Main focus - Arbitrage and High-Frequency Trading in crypto-currency business. We process +200 parameters in real-time, from technical/fundamental analysis to user behaviorism.
Main goal is to gather a group of individuals/companies who actively participate and invest in Bitcoins and/or related Blockchain projects. Feel free to jump in!

MARCH 31, 2017 ABT Position on potential Bitcoin split
The Bitcoin community has been talking about a possibility of a fork in the near future. This problem occurred because the current design of Bitcoin protocol is unable to efficiently handle the popularity it has gained. There are different solutions some of which are Unlimited, SegWit & Lightning Network. If a fork will happen, there might be multiple distinct versions of the network running simultaneously which will lead to the split of two different Bitcoin versions. In order to plan ahead you need to know what will happen to your funds held on online balance

Our team has taken into consideration the arguments of both sides and have estimated that Bitcoin Core is the way forward. This means that will keep running under implementation in an event of a fork. If the network splits we will safely held your funds in our daemon which will likely have some value in both of the new blockchains.

We will need to impose a temporary "quarantine" measure which may lead to delays on withdrawals while we prepare all the technical base for withdrawing funds from the divided networks. This may take up to 48 hours to accomplish. Please note that the above mentioned procedure would be only implemented in the event of the split, this does not in any way cover current deposits nor withdrawals, these are safe.

MARCH 20, 2017 (ICON-TRADER) Important announcement
We regret to inform you that due to repetitive technical failures the previously announced ICON-TRADER won't start as scheduled.

In a small frame of time more than 50 BTC of investment was collected (the majority of which came from the German traffic) and we're going to disburse those to the respected beneficial owners within next 48 hours. There won't be any fees deducted from that and we will also include a 3% additional bonus.

We could launch ICON today and it could be even performing with a higher return with expected, but the problem is in the market of altcoins itself and we need more time to set the better & more accurate patterns in order to have successful product. Sometimes it's easier to switch into reverse gear, turn round and start again, than moving at full speed in the absolute dark.

We're pretty sure ICON will return in mid-APRIL, with a better & more stable proposal. We kindly ask to contact our support dept. to those who deposited.

FEBRUARY 28, 2017 A brief update: We plan to finish collecting deposits in late April, 2017.
With asset-impact of +500,000 € we're able to put our demand to the market dynamics.
Total amount of paid out withdrawals since November, 2016: $135,800
There's a contest for inviting new referrals - contact [email protected] for more information.
Guys at ABT Sales are attending The Blockchain Summit 2017 on March 28, 2017 in London.
If there's anyone fancy to meet us in person - drop us an e-mail.

JANUARY 20, 2017 Brief Statistics, Profits, Website redesign
It's +2,000 of active members who all-together collected 410 BTC out of 1,000 needed (at the moment of writing). With the current dynamics, interest from various commercial entities and natural user growth we plan to exceed the limit amount in April, 2017. Once the limit is reached, the program will stop accepting new members and deposits.

Through an incredible mix of AI power and Blockchain technology the ABT platform was fully reachable throughout whole period of active Trading. Recent 100 days of trading returned with an average of 0.92% dividends per day and it is also more than we've expected on the whitepaper statistics.

DECEMBER 23, 2016 Christmas time is here.
Dear members and visitors. It's this time of the year.. and there's nothing valuable to add which is not already said by others. However we sinceraly wish you all the luck, prosperity and support from those who care about you and whom you care about.

We're ot of office for Christmas till Tuesday (12/27) if there's an urgent need you can contact us by e-mail with putting "Urgent" in the subject or by phone call directly to our Sales Dept. (+390294759617).

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

DECEMBER 8-9, 2016 Annyeong Haseyo? Meet us in Seoul.
Inside Fintech Conference & Expo explores Fintech 3.0, including Blockchain technology and other decentralized solutions for financial processes, and its impact on the global financial ecosystem. We will be here, come say “Hi” and meet us in person.

NOVEMBER 3, 2016 New Milestones Ahead.
After a whole month of active trading we have grown to 400 active members with 139 BTC in disposal, meaning a market power of $100,000 per second. Combine that with a +200 parameter bot on a high-latency trading and background in successful performance for the past 20 months. It’s a powerful, smart player in the market, and with a recent rise in BTC price we have performed much better than expected. However, don’t forget that money can be made not only when prices surge but also when they go down. Either way, we’re more than ready and in touch with the market pulse. You don’t believe it? Give us a try; you will be amazed - our promise.
Our next milestone is 800 active memberships and 250 BTC onboard.

OCTOBER 31, 2016 Autobot Goes Smart Contract.
Under the huge emerging market of Ethereum’s and a demand from customers we are implementing smart contract-based currencies on our roadmap. We’re still researching the possible risks involved with price and network stability. The recent DDOS attacks show that ETH still has some struggle to settle before we are ready to take it onboard, while the ETC is slowly dying and we don’t see how it could develop into stable currency.
We’re keeping a close eye on upcoming HARD-FORK and the outcome it gives. Please keep up with the website news and follow-up e-mails for more information.

OCTOBER 24, 2016 Scheduled Maintenance.
Our services are currently under scheduled maintenance. Servers will be back online at 1 pm CET / 12 pm GMT / 7 am EST / 4 am PST. Please note: maintenance updates are an absolute necessity for improved performance and interface. This is a front-end uplift and won’t in any possible way affect Bitcoin trading contracts; we’re safe on that.

OCTOBER 17, 2016 New Era In Crypto Regulation.
In the latest age of efficiency and digitalism, the Blockchain technology and Bitcoin itself become the technology icons revolutionizing the way we do business. Even though the Bitcoin today has a market cap size of more than 12 billion, there are still a wide range of different approaches on how governments and states regulate crypto-currency technologies and settle cases.
For solving such problems the Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition (DCLDC) was formed to protect civil liberties and constitutional rights of cryptocurrency users and companies. Being a part of the community itself, we know what uncertainty and fear mean from our own perspective so such a move is more than welcome.
You can learn more about DCLDC and how to contact them, on their website ( The %website is fully operational and settled on an automatic-script; however, if any specific issues occur we fully recognize and follow DCLDC guidelines and procedures on the settlement of such issues.

OCTOBER 10, 2016 Customers In Action.
In the first week we’ve gathered more than 150 active trading accounts, and the deposits altogether reached 93 BTC, which is a good start. We have managed to earn around +5% on deposits even though the market price was decently stable. We have a gap to grow and, with your trust, we’re more than ready, so stay tuned for more.

OCTOBER 3, 2016 Rocket Launched.
The autobot has officially launched. Preparation itself was an interesting journey lasting over 6 months of active participation, sleepless nights, tons of paperwork, miles of algorithms and scripts. Now a new chapter of our story begins, ladies and gentlemen: The first algorithmic Blockchain trading platform. Register, deposit and relax, because at %website all scripts are fully automated at the back-end, meaning that autobot will manage all transactions under its own patent-pending calculation and risk management system.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 Pilot Phase Is Over.
The autobot’s back-end and front-end code was audited by the two different Blockchain-focused audit agencies. Results came back with zero vulnerabilities on the offer. We additionally measured latency of possible DDOS attack at the cloud-based VPS system and a unique way of backed-up trading even if the site is down.
The first 100 pilot users already had the chance of testing out the system and even got to collect some dividends. Thank you; payments have been successfully settled. For more information please follow the guidelines sent by e-mail, or check the homepage for the latest updates and information.

AUGUST 23, 2016 Pilots Needed.
The website launch is scheduled for October 2016. We’re on the finish line already and some hardcore testing now is needed. Therefore, we seek 100 test-customers for one month of active trading. The campaign starts on 1st of September, 2016 and finishes within one month. If you wish to participate please register your account at autobot and send us a follow-up e-mail referring as “Test-development” in the subject line. Each participant receives a 20% bonus independently from the amount of their initial deposit + dividends; however, we limit pilot phase users to up to $100; the deposits are withdrawn on the last day of trading.

AUGUST 1, 2016 Autobot Parameters.
The trading bot is fully finished. It works on the high-latency trading with more than +200 dynamic parameters on board, some of which are fully patented and invented by our algo-team. We’re up-to-date with the market pulse, broker behavioristics, news-data, technical and fundamental analysis, etc.
Tested under various scenarios and amounts, our bot always performed with the best possible outcome. However, some serious guidelines for our official launch have been settled. The absolute largest amount which the platform currently can absorb is up to 2,000 BTC and the longest contract term is 100 days per user.
Stay in touch with the recent news and updates on our website and by e-mail.